suSpanish (pronoun) her

ellaSpanish (noun) she


su ella is the story of two girls, Latina of course, born and raised in NJ who have been friends drawn together for years by their love for creative arts and fashion.  Never realizing where God was leading them...


The idea came together in July of 2016, when Jisely Jimenez asked Lian Amado for her opinion on a tee, in the girls usual manner. The idea to create a shirt with freedom and unlike anything seen before led the ladies of su ella into a talk of who they want to empower them. July being the month celebrated by all Frida Kahlo lovers, fed their desire to be different and to represent girls who are more like them.


Their goal now is to make dope mujer gear that pushes Latinas to be bold, creative and to remind them of who they are! Lian (Cuban & Spaniard) and Jisely J. (Dominican), together as suellathey draw from the Latin women who have paved the way for them, to inspire the new generation of Latinas to come! 

"Our dream is to keep adding to our list of Latin Legends and to eventually be on it too. We just want to see more of us when we're talking about history."

Saucing up the world, one Latina at a time!


For our mujeres

su ella | by Lian & Jisely J